Thursday, 21 June 2012

Celebs I Will Be Posting

Ariana Grande: Born June 26th, 1993 (Aged 18, 19 soon)

Debby Ryan: May 13th, 1993 (Aged 19)

Demi Lovato: August 20th, 1992 (Aged 19)

Emily Osment: March 10th 1992 (Aged 20)

Jennette McCurdy: June 26th, 1992 (Aged 19)

Miley Cyrus: November 23, 1992 (Aged 19)

Miranda Cosgrove: May 14th, 1993 (Aged 19)

Sarah Hyland: November 24th, 1990 (Aged 21)

Selena Gomez: July 22, 1992 (Aged 19)

Vanessa Hudgens: December 14, 1998 (Aged 23)

Victoria Justice: February 19th, 1993 (Aged 19)

If you would like to see any other celebrities added, post their names in the comments below and they will be considered.

Starting up this Blog

Hey Everyone,
I am just creating this blog now. The date it was created is: June 21, 2012. I will be adding fakes of celebrities that I find really good. I will only be adding really good pictures, no small or blurry ones, so this blog will have high quality pictures. :) I'll make a blog in just a little bit indicating who I will start off posting fakes of, and you can feel free to comment with other celebs you would like to see.

I do not create any fakes on this blog, nothing belongs to me on here. Credits go out to all fakers, you guys do a great job. If you created one of these pictures and would like to have it removed, please contact me.

This blog will contain material only suitable for adults.